Hair flap adap dap while Dean don’t give a crap.


Here’s a little smiling Alec to brighten your day =)


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Misha Collins & John Barrowman x San Diego Comic Con 2014


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Shameless plugging Holy F*?king Hell again, with a few examples of what to expect from the game, before the convention circuit starts back up again. 

This is a card game inspired by Supernatural and Cards Against Humanity. You can mix these cards in with the original deck if you want to give a bit of Supernatural-themed spice to your deck, though if you’re only playing with 4-5 people, there’s enough cards here to last a while. Get them here.

I used Printer Studio to order a set of poker quality cards. Because of the sheer number of answer cards, I had to split those cards alone into two separate orders. For all orders over $30.00, you can get free shipping by typing SHIP30 into the promo field when ordering. It cost me roughly $42.00 total for all of them, living in the US. 

I’ve provided .PSD files for the cards (should be good for CS2+), if you would like to make your own. Because I’ve uploaded the cards separately, you can also go through them and choose to delete cards you don’t particularly want. 

If you have questions about how to download the cards, or upload them and order them through the site provided, please feel free to shoot me an ask!

I’d also love to see it being played! If you all wanna send me photos, tag me under my URL here, or mention me on my Twitter, @fudgeluck !

Holy F*?king Hell is a parody game available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Font credits go to:

And no, I will not accept any form of payment for these. I’m giving back the the SPN family. If you would like to show thanks however, consider donating to RandomActs or ASPCA instead!

Godspeed, you perverted hellions! xoxo

Attention SPN fans: Kari is a genius. Go forth and download.

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Favorite shots of Misha Collins in All Hell Breaks Loose 4


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